Appartment located on the second floor of a solid two-storey house on Kadetskaya Liniya 95 sqm

План квартиры 1 ЛВО 8

Appartment located on the second floor of a solid two-storey house built above the high basement and architectured by M.Z. Zacharov in 1873. Despite the major overhaul in 1969 the apperance of the building remained almost unchainged. 

Windows are facing two sides which are Kadetskaya Liniya and a spacious courtyard with a parking place in it. 
The flat was fully reconstructed renewing the household equipment in a modern way though keeping the classic interior intact. High ceiling of a 3.8 metres with a bronze XIX century chandeliers replicas. Available fully-furnished, negotiable.
Historical referenceA #8 solid two-storey house above the high basement was built in 1720. In 1730 it belonged to the apothecary named Grigori and was then fully renovated by it's next owner postman F. Ash in 1740. It was then owned by court counselor Adamovich and by widow of the state councillor Bogoslovsky after. In 1790-1820 the house was owned by collegiate assessor G.Flug. The house belonged to merchant N.I. Blinov thereafter. 
The great fabulist I.A.Krylov lived in there from 1841 till 1844 after leaving his state-owned apartment of Imperial Public Library due to his retirement. 
Rumyancevsky square, the square of the Russian Academy of Arts (as well as Academy itself), Menshikov's palace, educational and laboratory buildings of St. Petersburg University are located nearby as well as Universitetskaya embankment with it's mysterious sphinxes.

Price: 31'000'000 rur (326,3k rur per sqm)
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price: 31 млн руб.

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