Our company constantly develops, raising the quality of servicing and expanding volume of services. So, we offer you the help in transferring of residential premises in non-residential fund. And a service to make projects of further using of the premises for commercial purposes of varying complexity.
Examples executed projects:
  • The construction of additional separate entrance to the bank «Globex» in Nevsky prospect, 61 In Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The filling in the aperture was made in accordance with the Requirements of KGIOP, taking into account the security status of the building, by analogy with the historic filling of the aperture in the neighborhood.
  • Reconstruction of the existing non-residential premises for beauty salon with a hairdressing room and cosmetology room for VIP-clients. The total area of 207.2 sq. m.
  • The project of the new shopping complex with different kinds of stores. The total area of 1830.62 sq.m.
  • The reconstruction of the facility under construction for sports and fitness center with swimming pool, two aerobics rooms, gym, beauty salon and a restaurant. The reconstruction is in the context of existing buildings.
  • Superstructure of existing reinforced concrete frame, an extension, planning facilities. The total area of 3858.83 sq.m.
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