The valuation program "HOW MUCH" defines the price of apartments and rooms on their key parameters. Analyzing the base of offers across Saint-Petersburg and Leningradskaya area with the help of modern statistical methods, the program "HOW MUCH" recommends the present cost of the real estate. Automatic definition of the price of object makes the work comfortable, reduces time and financial expenses. The logical and clear management (interface) doesn’t demand special training and allows to work with the program even to the unprepared user.


The key moment at purchase/sale of the real estate is its adequate valuation. Traditionally agents do it in whose work there are errors, and conscious distortions. On the other hand, to make a correct valuation independently is difficult enough. Firstly, without corresponding experience it will take away a lot of time, and, secondly, probability of a finding of absolutely similar offer in printing or the Internet editions is small, especially if the apartment is not the serial project. In the conditions of quickly changing market, defining role is played by term of sale/purchase of apartment or a room. It is clear that the objective and fast valuation of objects of constantly changing market of the real estate is a guarantee of true decision.

Developed by experts of companies "Vyte-C" and "LVO Consulting" the computer program uses daily updated base of objects of the real estate of St.-Petersburg and Leningradskaya area. The principle of valuation of object of the real estate is based on the modern statistical analysis. The local characteristics, city conditions and tendencies are thus considered. The program defines not only the recommended price, but also the quantity of similar, offered to sale, objects of the real estate that also defines probability (term) of sale/purchase of estimated object under the given price. The report is printed.

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