Luxury apartment in the historical center of St. Petersburg on the street Furshtatskaya. 362 Sq m. Sale

A two-level apartment located on the 4 and 5 floors of the five-story building. The apartment has a balcony and bay window. Most of the apartment windows face the south - on the street Furshtatskaya, other have bright and spacious courtyards view. The apartment is renovated: floors replacement, installation of german double-glazed windows in the design of golden oak, fireplace (working condition). Two entrances: from Furshtatskaya street and from secured closed courtyard.  Parking place in the courtyard. House has 10 apartments. 3 minutes to subway station Chernyshevskaya on foot. Direct sale. 

Historical note. Land, where now located house number 42 and its surrounding area, in 1820 - 1840 was owned by Prince John G. Georgian (1826 - 1880), a representative of the senior branch of the Georgian royal house, the great-grandson of the last Georgian king George XII. Prince graduated from the Corps of Pages, served in the Cavalry Regiment. After his retirement, he enthusiastically began to collect monuments of Georgian Literature and Artistic Works. There was a two-storey house on the right side of his land. In years 1864 - 1865 N. Gamazov built on its place stone three-storey building (included the old house). In 1868 land was divided into two plots. Right part was sold to Lvova A. D. (with house), left to Pavlov.  In year 1875 Lvova sold her part to Lt. Gen. Karl Karlovich Standersheld,  who immediately sold it to his  pharmacist Bogdan Davidovich Gembusu. In year 1891 house passed into ownership to his daughter, doctors wife Mary Bogdanovna Orbinskoy. The reasons for these multiple sales and resales are unknown.  

At the end of the  century XIX house number 42 was built up to five floors. Unknown author. 

In years 18961898 owner of house was State Councillor Basil Y. Poznansky (1828 1900), he was more famous because he was an organizer and chairman of the Imperial Yacht Club, located on the Krestovskiy Island. Sailing sport became a popular pastime of high society in the early XX century. Words Member of the Imperial Yacht Club, "," Member of the English congregation " always sounded when listing the ranks, titles and positions and positions in society. Vasily and his wife Lidia Ivanovna Poznanska (1840 - 1909) are buried in the cemetery of the Novodevichy Convent.

In years 1898-1911 owner of house 42 was wife of General Teviashev. Her husband, Major-General N. Tevyashev in 1886 commanded the 1st Brigade of the 2nd Guards Cavalry Division and at the same time commanded the Horse Guards Grenadier Regiment (the regiment stood in Schytergofe). He bravely took part in the Russian-Turkish war in 1877 - 1878 years, was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir III level, with swords and a golden sword with the inscription "For Bravery"  also was awarded by Austrian, Prussian, Danish Rewards. He died with the rank of General of Cavalry in year 1913. His wife Ustinja sold house 42 after husband dead. 

Apartment located on the 4 and 5 floors
Chernyshevskaya subway station 3 min on foot
+7 911 920-19-81

price: $ 1 425 000

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5 Repina street,
Saint-Petersburg, 199034