An apartment with a panoramic view on Vasilevsky Island 146 sq.m.

The apartment located on the 16th storey of the modern 17-25-storeys  brick-monolithic residential complex with panoramic windows, ventilated façade and stunning views of the bay and the city center. When built a house have used by advanced technology. The house  located near the Gallernaya Harbour with secure parking of boats and yachts. Prior to the sandy beaches of the Gulf of Finland a few minutes on foot. Flat area of ​​146 m has a comfortable, functional layout of the European level, with panoramic views of the bay. The apartment - large entrance hall -10.6 m, a large hall - 20 sq.m., three bathrooms: toilet - 2.3 meters and two bathrooms - 5.1 and 4.9 meters, two dressing rooms - 5.5 and 5.6 meters, a spacious utility room - 9.2 meters. Ability to purchase of apartments near, combining two apartments in one a 5  bedroom apartment of 228 meters.

 The house was put, all elevators and services work well

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Beautiful apartments with comfortable, functional layout of the European level with views over the bay

price: $ 593 000

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